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Bike Storage

Safely Store Your Expensive Bikes With Our Bike Storage Services Near You

You can resonate with us that bike owners be it expensive motorbikes or budget-friendly bikes, everyone is attached to their vehicle. One is always proud of his motorbike or bike because, in India, two-wheelers including and excluding motorized systems have a long history in every house. Coming to the point, if you want to safely store your motorbike or bike at the best bike storage units, explore the Xtended Space online marketplace for renters.

On our platform, you will see that dozens of hosters have listed their vacant space as a bike storage unit. You can have a chat with the bike storage space hoster if you have any doubts in your mind regarding the visiting hours for bike storage unit evaluation. Through Xtended Space online marketplace for bike storage service, you can snag a safe garage as outdoor parking or even the enclosed parking slot in big or medium size houses.

Explore Long Term & Short Term Bike Storage Options in India

Currently, Xtended Space has limited cities or towns to cater to our bike storage units for rent. As we are in our infancy period so allow us to include more cities in the upcoming days. Meanwhile, you can explore our website’s location page or find my city page to find out the metro towns in which Xtended Space provides bike storage solutions. Feel free to get in touch with our bike storage managers. They will assist you from day 1 till you get comprehensive mental peace with our stress-free bike storage services.

Most importantly, unlike other bike storage services near you, Xtended Space highly promotes both - short-term and long-term bike storage solutions. This means you can expect the hosters at Xtended Space marketplace to allow you to store your bike or motorbike at their rental unit even for a short duration. However, it is always better to go for long-term storage solutions from the discounts, and deals, and offer a point of view.

Types of Bikes Rack Available at Xtended Space for Bike Storage

When we say bike, we mean a vehicle without gas or fuel. On the other hand, motorbikes are the ones that have a motor, or engine installed and they run on fuel. For the former one, Xtended Space can align you with the hosts who provide garage bike racks, and wall bike racks. If you want to browse your type of bike garage rack, you can pay a visit to your nearby bike storage space in your town.

However, you need to log in to our marketplace and create your account to enjoy the same facility. In addition, you can expect indoor bike racks and even customize your bike storage space. To gain a profound understanding of how customization options work, speak to our experts on board the customer support team.

Why Should You Book Bike Storage Service Through Xtended Space?

First comes first, we give high value to your bike or motorbike security. As a result, every bike storage unit through Xtended Space is certified by the host details. Plus, you will find CCTV monitoring of your bike irrespective of the fact whether it’s in an enclosed environment or an outdoor environment.

Secondly, we give equal value and care to all bikes, from sportbike to normal bikes. To add an extra layer of security, we preach the highest standard that is effective in the competitive market.

Thirdly, you can check out the horizontal bike storage racks, ceiling bike storage on the wall also for the bike aka bicycle without the motor. And last but not the least, your motorbike storage units are quite easy to access from the prominent places in your town. Xtended Space has handpicked bike storage units that are positioned nearby famous city landmarks.

Intrigued to know about the price, and size unit of bike storage units? You are just one call away!

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