FAQ’s for Xtended Space

What is Xtended Space?

We love ♥️ our things, as much as we love our near and dear ones. But where do we keep our extra stuff 🚗👟👜👗🪑📚🍽🛏🛋? Wish there was a space closer to us and easy to access.

Xtended Space is India’s 1st technology enabled, P2P Self-Storage platform, through which people in need of storage connect with nearby hosts, willing to rent available unused space. We are building a trusted marketplace for storage needs, which is more convenient, flexible and cheaper compared to traditional storage solutions. The inspiration was to help communities come together and support one another through the sharing economy.

Xtended Space Vocabulary

Host: A person who has extra space that they want to share and make some extra money while listing the space.

Listing: This is the way a host shows off their unused space. The listing includes photos, a description, and a short bio. Listings can advertise a unused/partly used rooms, cabinets, basements, parking spaces, terraces or any other unused areas.

My Listings: This page shows hosts all of their listed spaces. Hosts post logging in their account, can view the Published, Draft, and Deactivated listings.

My Rentals: This page shows you all of the listings where you are storing your belongings. Renter post logging into their account, they can access the My Rentals.

Reservation: After the host accepts the reservation request, the reservation officially begins! The renter can move their items into their new location beginning on the start date and have to move the belongings before the end date.

Renter: A person who wants to store their belongings at an affordable price.

FAQ’s for Hosting

How do I make money as a host?

Xtended Space allows people (hosts) to monetize their unused space in or around their home/offices or any other place. Hosts list their empty storage space for free on the Xtended Space and can set their own prices. Once their space is rented, Xtended Space pays the rent payment to the host’s at the end of each rental month.

When will I receive my payout?

The renter pays at the beginning of the rental period and you'll be paid at the end of the 30-day rental period to ensure that the renter is allowed to store the stuff.

How do I receive my payouts?

The Payment will Initially come to Xtended Space and at the close of 30 days it will be given to Host at their respective desired payment source, with deduction of Platform Fees.

What is the Platform Fees?

Platform Fees is charged from the hosts, to give hosts access to the platform, Xtended Space services and other ancillary service

Are payments ever prorated?

Your pay-out will be prorated, adjusting any cancellation charges, other fees, early evacuation and any other charges based on service availed.

Who can be a Xtended Space host?

Do you have an unused room, basement, or any unused space? Do you like having a passive income? Are you legally responsible for or have been given permission to rent out the space? If you answered yes to these questions then you can host on Xtended Space!

Does it cost to list space on Xtended Space ?

Xtended Space charges nothing on listing of space

Can I edit my listing while it's reserved?

No. Once a reservation starts, there can be no changes made to the ongoing listing.

How long do I have to approve a reservation request?

Hosts must approve or decline a renter's reservation within 24 hours or it will be automatically declined. If host missed by mistake it can contact Xtended Space team and Xtended Space team can seek re-request from Renter.

How can I edit my listing?

In order to edit a listing, the listings can be in any one of the following three stages: Draft, Published, or Deactivated. If the listing has an active reservation, you will not be able to make updates to the listing. By clicking the "Edit" button you can edit all of your listing details, public profile, and upload photos.

What type of storage space can I rent out?

Through Xtended Space you can rent out any kind of storage space you own or are legally allowed to rent. We have a large collection of storage types and are open to whatever kind of space you have to share. Here are a few types of listings we've seen on our website (although not exhaustive list of the areas you can list!):

  1. Bedroom
  2. Cabinets
  3. Basement
  4. Office space
  5. Empty lot
  6. Parking Space
  7. Terrace
  8. Partly used room
  9. Loft

+ Many more

If you have a different kind of storage space that you want to rent out and want to know if it would work, you can try listing it.

What it means to publish a listing?

Your space is visibly advertised on the Xtended Space website, you may start to receive reservation requests. Post publishing you can share the listing to promote & share on social media, classifieds websites, and with friends and family.

What are criterias for listing ?

  • Address of listing must be a privately-owned location
  • The space type and features must match the other information provided in the photo's, description's and other details
  • Living or working in the reserved spaced is not allowed
  • Description needs to be relevant to the listing and at least 1 sentence long
  • At least 2 relevant photo of your listing is required
  • No contact information included in the photo and description

My space is no longer available. What should I do?

If your space becomes unavailable, it is your responsibility as a host to deactivate your listing.

What do I need to do when my renter wants to end their reservation?

The reservation will automatically end on the end date selected by the renter on Xtended Space's website or mobile app. In case renter wants to evacuate their belongings before the end date, he/she may do it from their account and you will be notified about the same along with the updated date.

Once the renter has moved out , the reservation will be officially over and your listing will be live on the website again for potential renters to reserve it. In case of early evacuation you will be paid on pro rate basis.

As a host, you can see all of your current reservations by going to My Listings. Currently rented space will be listed under the "Rented Listings" section.

How should I create a good listing ?

Following these tips will help you create the optimal listing:

  • Using your real first and last name
  • Ensure your description is correct and a minimum of 140 characters
  • Using an actual photo of yourself for your profile photo
  • Having at least 2 relevant sentence in your bio
  • Upload multiple high-quality, relevant photos to enhance renter experience
  • Ensure the photos are clear, they should not be dark, blurry or have a glare
  • The photos depict the listing and should not include any contact information
  • Photos are right side up
  • Space is free from clutter

Do I have to pay taxes on Xtended Space income?

In general, all income you earn is taxable including income you earn from host pay-outs on Xtended Space. This may not be the case if you are exempt under relevant clause of The Central Goods and Services Tax Act. For specific information on what is taxed and for what deductions you qualify, please consult a tax professional.

How can I measure my space to provide correct dimensions?

Hosts are required to provide accurate length and width dimensions of their space so renters are able to gauge how much can fit in the space. Xtended Space listings provide length X width dimensions in feet. Space can be easily measured with a tape measure, or you can use the apps to measure your space with your phone using a virtual tape measure.

Should I share my phone number or address?

For your safety and protection, always message renters through your Xtended Space Inbox (or by replying to text messages sent by Xtended Space). Do not share your address, phone number or other contact information. After you approve a reservation, the renter will be sent your listing's address.

Can large spaces be shared between renters?

Many hosts have large, open spaces that can accommodate multiple renters. We encourage our hosts to break up large spaces into multiple, smaller listings for the convenience of renters. Because some renters may not be comfortable sharing storage space with others, be sure to specify this in your listing description.

What happens if my renter stops paying?

As a host, your pay-out is guaranteed by Xtended Space. Even if your renter is at default , Xtended Space will still make sure you are paid for the time the renter's items are stored at your property (terms and conditions apply).

I need to give 30 days notice for my renter to move out. How do I do that?

We strongly discourage having to end a renter’s reservation early as it is a huge inconvenience for your renter. However, we understand that things happen and plans change! Per our terms of service, you are required to give your renter at least 30 days notice to move out, otherwise you will be charged penalty and early eviction fee as mentioned in the Cancellation Policy. To give this notice, please choose the Early Eviction option on your listing and specify the date you require the space to be emptied. If for some reason you cannot give 30 days notice, please contact Xtended Space to assist.

Can a potential renter see my space before placing a reservation?

We keep your exact address hidden until you can approve it. To help renters have a clear idea of your space, make sure you have a high quality listing. A great listing includes a lot of clear pictures of your space and gives detailed information in the description!

What am I liable for as a Host?

Hosts are not liable for damage that may occur to the renter’s stored possessions unless the host was acting negligent or directly caused the damage.

Can I choose which reservations I want to approve?

Yes! Before you approve a reservation, you can view the details of a request under your My Listings page. A pending reservation shows the renter’s profile, what they want to store, and how long they plan to rent your space.

Can a renter live or work inside a reserved space?

Xtended Space doesn’t allow any renters to live or work inside storage spaces. Listings on our platform are solely meant for storing items.

What is the system of collection and payment of GST by Xtended Space hosts ?

Xtended Space hosts who expect their annual commercial turnover from sale of goods and services to be at or below INR 20 lakhs (at or below INR 10 lakhs in special category states identified under Article 279A(4)(g) of the Constitution of India) are currently exempt from registering for Goods and Services Tax (GST) purposes. For these hosts, Xtended Space will remit the entire GST collected from the renter directly to the tax authorities.

Hosts who expect their annual commercial turnover from sale of goods and services to be over the GST registration threshold of INR 20 lakhs (or INR 10 lakhs in special category states identified under Article 279A (4)(g) of the Constitution of India) are liable to register for GST and obtain a GST number (GSTIN). For these hosts, it is the host’s responsibility to remit the GST on reservations (net of any tax collected at source (TCS) deducted) to the tax authorities and it is Xtended Space’s responsibility to deposit TCS against the GSTIN(s) provided by hosts.

What are the current tax rates?

Xtended Space collects GST from guests on behalf of hosts who reside in India and have listings in India at 18% on the total rental charges per unit.

Xtended Space will collect 18% GST from guests and hosts on the service/platform fees or any similar kind of fees charged by the company

Other services tax rate will depend on the nature of services and the provider of such services.

The tax rates are set by the Government of India and cannot be changed.

Will Xtended Space service fees be calculated on total listing price and the GST?

No, the service fees/platform fees would be calculated on the base booking amount(before fees and taxes).

I am a GST-unregistered host. Where can I find proof of GST remitted by Xtended Space to the tax authorities ?

Add your GSTIN(s) so that we know you are a GST-registered host. For bookings accepted after you add your GSTIN, we will send the GST to you for your remittance to the tax authorities.

If you did not add your GSTIN to your account, Xtended Space is unable to payout GST retrospectively for reservation payouts that have already occurred.

I am a GST-unregistered host. Where can I find proof of GST remitted by Xtended Space to the tax authorities ?

It is Xtended Space’s responsibility to remit the entire GST collected from the guests directly to the tax authorities in respect of reservations with GST-unregistered hosts. For hosts that did not provide GSTIN(s), Xtended Space treats such hosts as GST-unregistered and remits the entire GST collected from guests directly to the tax authorities in one lump sum on a monthly basis.

If you are not liable to register for GST, you should not be required to file any GST returns or remit any GST to the tax authorities. Thus, there should not be a need to ask for such proof.

FAQ’s for Renting

What is the Renter Service Fee and what does it do for me?

Service Fees is charged from the renter, to give them access to the platform, provide best available quality listings, customer care services and other ancillary service

What is the cancellation policy ?

Once your reservation request is approved, your reservation will remain active until you cancel it online before your end date. Any cancellation before the scheduled end date will attract cancelation charges. Refer Cancellation Policy

How do I search for listing?

Searching for space has never been easier.

  1. Enter your preferred destination, along with space requirement dates
  2. You can to further narrow your search, by using the search filters to specify storage type, size, and price.
  3. Scroll and select the best listing based on storage space description, features, pricing, photos, and more.

How do I reserve my space ?

  1. Just select the best listing based on your storage needs.
  2. Select the dates you want the storage space from
  3. The host is immediately notified and must approve or decline the reservation within 24 hours.
  4. Post the approval, pay the required amount. And Voila! Its done.

What happens if a host cancels an approved reservation?

In such a case the renter would be refunded the complete fees paid by him, and charges as per the cancellation policy will be levied on the host. Hosts who repeatedly cancel Bookings, avoid paying additional charges, penalties, may result in removal from the Xtended Space Community and suspension of use of the Site and Services.

When will I be charged for renting the space?

You will be charged in advance from multiple payment sources avalaible

Will I be charged if my reservation request is denied?


How do I know the exact address of the space I'm interested in renting?

For yours and hosts safety, you will be shown approximate location for a storage space listing. You will receive the exact address in an email when your reservation is approved by host

How long can I store my belongings in a host's space?

You can store your belongings till the date you have booked the space.

What if a host needs to end my reservation early?

A host needs to give a 30 days notice if he want to end your reservation early. If the notice is below 30 days, host will be charged a penalty. In any case, you have to move your belongings from the host's space and you will be charged on number of days used

What should I do if someone asks me to pay outside of Xtended Space?

Reservations and agreements made outside of Xtended Space violate our Terms of Service. If a separate agreement is made outside Xtended Space, your reservation will be canceled, the accounts of both parties will be deactivated, and both will be charged a fee of 3000 individually.

What items am I not allowed to store?

As a renter, it's your responsibility to make sure your storage items won't cause harm to the rental space or the host. Some of these restricted items include firearms, toxins, drugs, explosives, hazardous or flammable materials, pesticides, waste, ammunition, controlled substances, stolen goods, and perishable food items.

When and how often can I access my things?

Hosts specify when and how often renters are allowed to visit the space. Please follow up the visiting schedule given by the host and always take an appointment before visiting

Will my things be safe?

Xtended Space prides itself in providing a safe and secure community where hosts and renters can connect. To ensure this safe environment, Xtended Space requires hosts to verify their email, phone number, and identity. Ratings and reviews also demonstrate high-quality hosts and listings.

Does Xtended Space offer refunds?

Xtended Space will refund the amount in case of cancellation before start date or early evacuation of the space (From either side, Host or you), but it will be done post cancellation charges as per the cancellation policy.