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Furniture Storage

Give Your Furniture the Legacy to Survive Longer With Our Furniture Storage Services

Wondering how you can care for your wooden furniture at the house? Well, people take care of their furniture to the highest extent because it is the extension of your house and displays your living standard. But what to do and how to care for your wooden furniture when you are planning to relocate within the town and you have no space to store your existing furniture? In that case, you need to take assistance from the best furniture storage services. That’s where Xtended Space comes to your rescue.

We have partnered with verified and certified hosters in your town. As a result, you get the first-class furniture storage service in up to 15+ metro towns for now! Since Xtended Space is still in its infancy stage, we are continuously adding more and more cities and towns under our belts. By booking our storage furniture service, you gain first-hand assistance to safeguard your furniture from sunlight, and rain. Most importantly, your valuable or expensive furniture gets an added layer of security when it is stored in the CCTV monitored environment.

Temperature & Climate Controlled Furniture Units Available at Xtended Space

Xtended Space brings you the concept of the temperature or climate-controlled furniture units at your disposal. Inside the same, base humidity is adequately maintained so that your luxurious furniture doesn’t lose its age. Plus, you are eligible to access your furniture storage units in your town or outside the town. However, there’s a dedicated time slot for the renters to tour the hoster’s furniture storage space. You can gain a profound understanding of the same once you register yourself at our marketplace and process further steps.

Discover Furniture Storage Units in Different Sizes at Xtended Space

What does that mean? As the name suggests, you can slice out the furniture storage units in different sizes on our marketplace. When you do the same, you pay only for the space utilized by your furniture. You can compare the furniture unit rates or price and even unit sizes to gain a sneak peek into how Xtended Space stands out in providing you with such competitive rates.

Enhance the Life of Your Furniture to Look New For Years to Come: Here’s How

Whether you own living room furniture or office space furniture, Xtended Space got you covered with all sorts of furniture storage services near you! For instance; if you own a fabric sofa at home or you are a proud owner of a swanky dining table or want someone to take extra care of your mesh office chair, we ensure to provide you with the highest degree of safety. Xtended Space has furniture storage units that are positioned inside posh apartments, spacious malls, and even easy-to-access houses. However, the rate of each one hovers depends on the type of furniture you have and its weight.

Why Choose Xtended Space to Assist You Over Furniture Storage Services?

Honestly, we are a customer-centric furniture storage service. Xtended Space tries its best to understand the customer’s intricacies to the highest degree. Maybe that’s the reason why hundreds of people from the household bracket and commercial space dimension think Xtended Space is synonymous with the best furniture storage units. Last but not the least, we ensure that no client returns empty-handed from our online marketplace.

We make sure the same happens by allowing you to store your expensive furniture even for a shorter time duration. Now, who says that you have to shell down a full amount for furniture storage services? We mean, if you are not using the furniture storage unit in your town for more days than you have asked, then what’s the point of paying the extra money? At Xtended Space, we make sure you won’t be surprised by the last minute or any hidden charges.

Ready to store one of your favorite household belongings with utmost care and the highest safety standard? You are just one call away! Hurry!!

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