Book Zero Deposit & No Hidden Charge Inclusive Storage Space Service in Ghaziabad

People of Ghaziabad listen up - when was the last time you encountered or heard of a storage space facility to be booked with zero deposit and no hidden charges? If you don’t remember, make it remember now with Xtended Space. We are one of the newly bootstrapped online marketplaces for renters and hosts. On our marketplace, renters can rent a storage space facility in Ghaziabad according to their storage space concerns.

Additionally, we serve renters in all brackets of storage space facilities in Ghaziabad, from business inventory storage to household items storage and more. The distinguishable feature of our storage service in Ghaziabad is you can even rent a short-term storage unit for household possessions, vehicles, furniture, and even for gadgets also.

Continue reading to find out how Xtended Space can help you as a renter on a journey to meet certified hosts.

Ghaziabad Demands Storage Space Solutions

Every business needs a storage space service, especially in tier-1 towns like Ghaziabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and more! In addition, many residential owners are also looking to resolve their storage space concerns. Some do the same because they want to declutter their home for the festive season while other household owners do the same because of renovation or location concerns. If you look from the commercial point of view, even business owners are also in the quest to store their business inventories in a safe environment during a specific season like monsoon.

Ghaziabad and Its Lifestyle Warrants All Sorts of Storage Spaces

The city of Nizams, Ghaziabad is one of the famous tier-1 towns of India. The town has a good lifestyle equipped with all the modern things. From top-class institutions to luxury hotels, elite residences, and multi-dollar corporate chains, Ghaziabad has everything. Coming to the main point, when there’s a scarcity to store belongings of any business or even residential items, the surge in storage unit concept skyrockets fast in any town. And guess what? Ghaziabad is also no exception.

Problems Ghaziabad People Face Regarding Storage Space

Seasonal challenges

As the name suggests, seasonal challenges occurred during specific seasons. If we talk about the monsoon season in Ghaziabad, many business owners are demanding to store their business inventory in the monsoon. Since Ghaziabad has proximity to the Western Ghats, as a result, rain is heavy and sometimes stretches to multiple days. To keep business inventory safe from the water, Xtended Space can provide you with a safe and secure storage space for rent. The same applies to household owners.

Less flexibility in lease or contract

During renting the storage space or unit, most people agree to sign a less-flexible lease or contract. The reason is one; the fear of safeguarding their belongings in a good place in your absence. At Xtended Space, we allow our renters to go with full flexibility when signing long-term or even short-term contracts. You can even cancel your contract with minimal notice to the host. Learn more about the same how it works once you browse our online marketplace for renters and hosts.

Parking challenges

With an estimated to be around 8 million population under its belts, Ghaziabad brags the title of one of the most populated towns in India. As a result, the need for parking spaces or parking challenges occurs in Ghaziabad. To resolve the same for household owners or business space owners, Xtended Space can provide you with a drive-up storage space unit to store your vehicle at a the easy to locate vehicle storage space in the prominent spots of Ghaziabad.

Business inventory issues

The term business inventory refers to the items or goods owned by the businesses. It could be any size but one thing is common, it is in physical form and warrants a storage space. You can consider the business inventory items with the resonating example of e-commerce sites. Business inventory is the product that is delivered to you after it is shipped. If you want to gain a profound understanding of the business inventory storage service by Xtended Space, browse our dedicated page.

Types of Storage Space Services Offered by Xtended Space

Bike Storage Service

This type of storage service caters to individuals who are having bikes or motorbikes. Under the same service, we allow individuals to rent a bike storage space in Ghaziabad. Also called bike storage units, these are the ones that accommodate bikes or motorbikes of all sizes. If you are in dire need to hire a bike storage unit for rent in Ghaziabad on a short-term basis, look no further than Xtended Space.

Car Storage Service

As the name suggests, car storage service falls under the vehicle storage solution bracket. One can clearly understand the purpose of the same. Yes, you guessed it right, in these car storage units, people keep their cars safe and secure during the time of relocation or renovation or for reasons when they are outside the town.

Business Inventory Storage Service

When you reserve a business inventory storage unit in Ghaziabad with Xtended Space, you gain multiple benefits. For instance, cost reduction is the prime thing because then you don’t need to hire multiple contractors to store your business inventory. Xtended Space provided business inventory storage units in Ghaziabad in distinct sizes. Irrespective of your business size, small or medium size, Xtended Space got you covered with safe and secure business inventory storage space solutions. Learn more about the same on our dedicated page on the homepage.

Furniture Storage Service

Do you want to keep the clutter away from the eyes of your guests at the last minute? Then look no further than our furniture storage service in Ghaziabad. Xtended Space will allow you to reserve a short-term furniture storage unit even at the last minute with just a few clicks on our marketplace or our PlayStore application. Whether it's commercial space furniture or residential furniture, we got you covered with every possible assistance on furniture storage concerns in the city of Nizam, Ghaziabad.

Household Items Storage Service

Our household items storage service ensures to provide your personal belongings with a secure and safe environment with CCTV-controlled and state-of-the-art-facilities-equipped storage units for household items. If you want to rent a household items storage unit in Ghaziabad, feel free to browse the Xtended Space online marketplace. Plus, we can provide your household items storage space in different sizes. Just let us know the estimated size of your personal possessions and meet certified hosts of household items units in Ghaziabad.

Other Storage Service

Looking to store your fragile electronic items in storage units in Ghaziabad? End your search with Xtended Space. Inside our other storage service category, you can safely store your electronic items or any other fragile items like expensive art or anything similar to it. We can even provide you with a dedicated shelf-like storage space for your gadgets' safety close to the prominent places of Ghaziabad so that you can access them even at the last minute. So what are you waiting for? Reserve your storage unit in Ghaziabad without any changes. Just confirm your identity and you are on!

Advantages of renting a storage space unit in Ghaziabad from Afinoz

Mutually Flexible Contracts

Want to reserve a storage facility in Ghaziabad without breaking the banks? If yes, then indulge in mutually flexible contracts on the Xtended Space platform with the host as a renter. Xtended Space does every possible thing to redefine how renters meet hosts in their neighbourhoods.

Big Deck of Different Storage Unit Sizes

Different people have different storage requirements. For instance, if someone is a student, they would require a different size storage unit. On the other hand, the business inventory people will proceed with a large-size storage unit. The same goes for the household space owner. So if you belong to any of those brackets and looking to rent a storage unit in Ghaziabad, you can rely on Xtended Space online marketplace.

Relocation Assistance at Additional Cost

You need to shell down additional money to avail relocation assistance for your storage items from one place to another. Xtended Space provides relocation assistance also at a discounted price.

Bootstrapped with an Experienced Team

Xtended Space is clustered with like-minded people from the storage space industry. Hence, we know the current trends in the storage space industry. All of our team members thrive and strive to provide you with customer-centric storage space solutions in Ghaziabad. Feel the difference with our experienced team once you indulge in a discussion with us.

Anything Else?

Last but not the least, we highly value your approach to renting a storage space in Ghaziabad for short-term rental. However, we also cater to long-term storage space solutions for businesses of individuals in full throttle. You can expect us to provide you the student-centric storage space units also. Whatever your storage space bracket, Xtended Space got you covered with it.

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