Browse the Distinct Types of Other Storages Under One Roof at Xtended Space

This is the last section of storage space we have under our service umbrella. We would like you to know that covering all sorts of storage service categories is a hectic deal. Because let’s face it; storage space requirements hover from person to person. So if you think we have missed something really important which you think must be put under the storage service umbrella, fret not! Check out Xtended Space's other storage section where you can let our storage managers know about your personalized storage requirement.

Just like our other 5 storage services - business inventory, car, bike, household item, and furniture storage, this section of storage service also got you covered with long and short-term storage rental options. In addition, you can customize your storage space units according to your belonging dimensions. You can say that our other storage service is the extension of our rest of the 5 storage services.

What Comes Under Other Storages Service by Xtended Space

Whether you want to store electronic items or jewellery in a locker, Xtended Space got you covered with every sort of storage service which is not mainstream or found commonly listed on the website. At the same time, we also encourage individuals from industries, and the hospitality sector to feel free to get in touch with the hosters of vacant spaces on the Xtended Space online marketplace

A glimpse of Different Types of Storage Units at Xtended Space

Mobile Storage Unit - As the name suggests, it is the place where you can store your mobile or similar accessories with care. Of course, a locker facility is available.

Warehouse Storage Unit - This type of storage unit is taken into consideration by the big business mostly in the e-commerce bracket. One opts for this storage unit to stock large amounts of goods or items for delivery.

Jewellery Storage Unit - Those who are on the quest to find a secure jewellery storage unit near them, pause for a while. Xtended Space got you covered with our Jewellery storage units where you can safely secure your gold, and diamond items.

Documents Storage Units - As the name suggests if you have any important documents which you want to keep safe just like in your bank locker, count on us. We have locker-enabled document storage units where your crucial documents are highly protected from theft and other sorts of things.

Anything Else?

With Xtended Space storage units, you get an additional layer of CCTV surveillance at all of our storage units. It doesn’t matter where These storage units are positioned, be it in the apartments or commercial space, CCTV monitoring is the key aspect of our storage services. For more information on standard storage unit sizes, ask our experts. Last but not the least, if you want relocation assistance at a pocket friendly cost, Xtended Space can lend you a helping hand on the same.

You can let us know in the inquiry form about your storage space concern. We will try our best to resolve your issue and come up with a fantastic storage space solution.

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