Making Renting Spaces a Smooth-Sailing Experience


Renters are the ones who rent a space for personal or professional reasons. Irrespective of the motive, the idea is the same - to keep the belongings safe. If you belong to the bracket of renters, Xtended Space should be your one-stop shop for all your renting needs. We cater to small, medium-sized businesses, and established companies and align them with the hosts with vacant spaces. In addition, we provide self-storage units close to your home or business as we are expanding all over India but for now, we are in metro towns.

So the next time when you are stuck in a situation where you need to leave your belongings for a shorter or longer duration, meet a bunch of hosters near you in your town only at Xtended Space online marketplace. From household items to furniture storage, from business inventory to car storage, you are covered with every type of storage solution with the highest standard of your belongings safety.

Whether you want a double garage-sized space or you want to store your fragile or electronic items, meet the host in your required storage domain in simple steps. On the Xtended Space marketplace, you will never episode any broker. All the hosts of vacant properties you will see are genuine and certified. To your surprise, you can even store your most valuable items with an assured protection promise.

Benefits of Becoming a Renter at Xtended Space

Multiple Storage Options

  • Household storage
  • Commercial storage
  • Bike storage
  • Car storage
  • Business inventory
  • Student storage

Flexible Storage Space Facility

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage


Can I rent a space unit for a month-to-month lease?

Yes, at Xtended Space, you can go for a month-to-month or year-long lease on vacant space. You will find a lot of flexibility in our plans irrespective of the fact that whether you are an individual or a business owner.

How soon can I safeguard my belongings in the rented storage space unit?

Once you are done with the location where you want to lease the space, you are ready to move. Xtended Space platform has an easy interface to meet with hosters who often do deep cleaning which makes the space ready to move quickly.

What should you know before renting a vacant space?

You should look at your intricacies like for what intent you want a vacant space. Suppose you are a business owner and have a huge assortment of goods to store, in that case, warehousing spaces would be perfect. But if you are an individual who wants to store your items for fewer days, then you need not book the big property. Plan it accordingly.

Will utilities be my responsibility while renting a space?

The most common utilities you need to pay for while renting a space involve maintenance of water and trash cleaning. But guess what? The hosts who list their vacant space on our platform got you covered with that service also at the same package cost. However, if you want more clarification on the same, let’s connect.

Can you explain the lease terms?

Most often, most leases for vacant space range from 8-12 months terms. But what sets Xtended Space to stand out from our competitors is you can rent or lease the vacant storage space of your type on a flexible lease. This means, you are free to rent a vacant space according to your liking like for half a month, quarterly, and even for fewer days. How amazing is that?

How can I trust that my belongings are safely stored with host at Xtended Space?

To your surprise, all the hosts who list their vacant space on our online marketplace follow the highest standard of screening. They are asked to provide their identification proofs while enlisting themselves as a valuable host on the Xtended Space marketplace. In a nutshell, we verify the identification details of the host and renter - both so it goes without saying your belongings are absolutely safe.

Is there any penalty for breaking the lease?

Well, it’s not like a penalty as you will be informed in advance when your lease is going to expire, a few days in advance. Accordingly, you can extend your lease contract with the host. And if you don't want to increase the lease, feel free to vacant the space you have rented according to the contract.

Can I rent a studio or full-size apartment or even a garden area from Xtended Space?

Yes, you can rent almost any unused space nearby that fits in your personas, from full-size apartments to garden areas and even studios. You name it, and Xtended Space will align you with various hosts nearby you

Can I physically visit my rented space?

Of course yes, you can visit your rented space physically. But you should know that there will be specific visiting hours on specific days on which you can make your physical presence. However, in the case of renting a whole garden or warehousing unit, you may get the liberty to visit all day round. But if you are asking about the apartment rented space, a dedicated hours slot is encouraged.

Can I renovate my rented space according to my ease?

What kind of renovation do you want in your rented space if you are not residing there and your goods will be there only? By the question, we are understanding that you want to ask if I can customize the space according to my belongings. The answer is yes. For better clarity on the same, you should speak to our customer support staff and let us know about your space preferences. We will map you down with the best hosts in your domain.

Will my personal belongings be safe in a rented space if I plan to visit outside the town?

Yes, your personal belongings as an individual are absolutely safe in your rented space booked from the Xtended Space. Whether it's important to document or your expensive jewelry, you are covered with locker facilities options also. Most importantly, our online marketplace ensures you protect your belongings with the highest standard of safety mechanism. Learn more about the same when you inquire about our storage services.

How do I pay rent to my selected host for the service?

Our online marketplace is customer-centric. We have made it easy to pay rent to your selected host for the storage space you will acquire. Whisk through our website’s interface and you will get to discover the option to pay rent to the host.

Is the neighborhood area safe where my items would be stored?

Yes, we at Xtended Space has shortlisted hosts who live in CCTV-monitored environments like buildings, and society. And hence, when you rent a storage unit from our hosts, all your belongings are absolutely safe with us.

What payment methods does Xtended Space marketplace take?

We take payments on bank transfer,GPay, Paytm and all the trending digital modes of payments in India.

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