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Why Do People Love Xtended Space ?


  • Full control over storage space
  • Flexible tenure
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Diverse storage space options
  • Renters will meet hosts without brokerage or vice-versa

  • Verified hosts and genuine renters
  • No security deposit
  • Identity verification for hosts and renters
  • Secure payment facilitation

  • Guaranteed lowest price
  • Affordable than comparable warehousing services
  • Usually affordable for short and long-term storage

How Xtended Space Works

Xtended Space works in 4 simple steps for both renters and hosts

For Hosts

  • Register your presence with valid identification
  • List your extra space
  • Access the dashboard
  • Check your listing status

For Renters

  • Login with your mobile number to find storage
  • Let us know the storage details
  • Reserve your space
  • Finally, check-out after payment

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