Become a Host at Xtended Space

Do you know your vacant space can be synonymous with your passive income source? Yes, you heard it right! All you need is a reliable vacant space marketplace that gives you the best value for your unused space irrespective of the size. That’s where Xtended Space comes in!

Xtended Space platform is perfect for hosts in India as our platform enables you to display your not put to use spaces for rent.

In our customer-centric marketplace, you as a host can meet nearby renters in the quest to rent storage solutions. Irrespective of the type of space you want to rent out, Xtended Space enables you to list your property on our online marketplace. So feel free to put your vacant space on rent and meet the renters in your domain.

Most importantly, we give you the best value for your space in terms of cash bracket as we don’t have any middle-men system on our platform. If you want to receive the best value for your vacant space as a host, scroll on!

Benefits of Becoming a Verified Host at Xtended Space


  • Monetize spare space
  • Earn XTRA CASH
  • Diversify your investment

Control When You Host XTRA SPACE

  • Set your own hosting schedule


How do I generate profit from the unused space I have?

List your vacant space at India’s first XTRA SPACE platform - Xtended Space and get the best value for your unused space and generate profit.

How many locations does Xtended Space cover across India?

We are active in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. But soon, we will expand our horizons to align hosts with renters in every nook and corner of India.

Does Xtended Space marketplace show unused space photos on the website?

Yes, renters can see the real photos of the storage space units on our platform as a testimony of the clarity in your thoughts.

What if my vacant storage space has not been CCTV monitored till now, and the renter is asking?

Fret not; speak to our proficient customer support because Xtended Space deals in installing the highest standard of security layers in your vacant space. Wondering how? Let’s have a free healthy discussion today!

Should I allow the renter to physically visit the rented space?

That’s up to you! However, the best you can do in the market is to set up a visiting hours calendar for the week. This will give renters a great idea about the visiting duration.

How can I put my vacant space on rent on the Xtended Space platform?

It’s very simple. Register or log in on our market portal after completing all the document formalities, and you are ready. But if you want to gain more clarification on the same, it is best to chat with us today!

What type of vacant space can I list on the Xtended Space Platform?

You can list almost anything you feel is unused in a house, like a room, terrace, spacious garden, store room, or almost anything in the storage bracket. Once you are done, you are ready to earn from your XTRA SPACE.

How can I be assured as a host that the renter will not store anything fishy in my vacant space?

You don't need to fret about the same issue because we do background checks on the renter, irrespective of the location of your property. Thanks to our website interface that demands renters to submit valid identification proof like PAN Card. If you want to understand your storage unit safety more, chat with us.

Will I need to take care of the maintenance of the stored space as a host?

It depends. Some renters want to sign a contract where there’s no involvement of the host at their belongings spot.

Is it mandatory to provide my vacant space for rent for a long lease?

No, that's what Xtended Space is all about. We are flexible for both - hosts and renters. As a host, if your renter asks you to unlock the lease for a short duration, like a week, you can provide the same.

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