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Bangaloreans listen up - have you found a storage space service in Bangalore which remains open 24*7? Let us know how successful you were in your attempts to find short-term storage space units near you. If you have failed to achieve the same, stop and consider yourself lucky if you are reading this by choice or by chance. We are Xtended Space, an online marketplace for renters and hosts where both can settle on a mutually flexible long-term or short-term storage in Bangalore.

We provide opportunities to renters to reserve their storage space for all sorts of storage solutions in Bangalore, from vehicle storage to business inventory storage and similar. At the same time, we are planning to add a blog section on the website where you will gain profound knowledge about the tips for all your storage space requirements.

If you are planning anytime soon to reserve a storage facility in Bangalore with a reliable storage space company or marketplace, look no further than Xtended Space. Below we have mentioned a handful of essential things related to the storage space industry and trends in Bangalore. Give the same a read to make an informed choice. Continue reading!

Bangalore & Its Lifestyle Demands Hassle-Free Storage Space Solutions

There’s a reason why people of Bangalore, be they individuals or businesses opt for stress-free storage space solutions. In a metro tier-1 city like Bangalore, the attractions within the town are punctured with all the elements that make any city a good place to live. Plus, the climate of Bangalore remains salubrious. As a result, people living in the town often plan to explore the nearby Western Ghats attractions.

However, that’s one of those scenarios that require people to act to reserve storage space units in Bangalore. You can consider such similar examples for understanding. At Xtended Space, we make sure to provide your short-term storage units for rent in Bangalore with CCTV monitored environment to keep a check on your valuable belongings. Browse our online marketplace to unlock hassle-free storage space solutions in Bangalore.

Does Bangalore Have Serious Storage Space Problems?

Yes, it goes without saying that Bangalore has serious storage space concerns within the town. And it is no brainer to understand why it is so! Bangalore is the capital of the Karnataka state and is close to the Western Ghats which makes people switch to nearby hill stations for storage.

In addition, the estimated population of Bangalore is supposed to be around 20.1 million. This invokes the need for storage space units in the town because not everyone has the potential to declutter their space ideally.

The reasons may hover. Some don’t want to declutter their old belongings and want them to be stored in safe storage units. On the other hand, some want to get rid of cluttered items during home renovation or on similar occasions. Hence, it is very clear that Bangalore has serious storage space problems that demand to be resolved.

Types of Storage Space Problems Bangalore People Often Face

Parking challenges

You have to believe whether you are residing in Bangalore or not that there’s a general lack of parking space within Bangalore. The poor management of parking facilities can be observed in the town if you live in and around the congested areas in Bangalore.

People who don't have much space to secure their vehicle at their premises can opt for the nearby storage space parking unit in Bangalore within a few kilometers—wondering from where? Look no other th

Seasonal challenges

Seasonal challenges mean that it occurs during specific seasons. In India, the most talked about seasons in the storage space industry include summer, monsoon, and winter. Under those same conditions, house owners, and business owners irrespective of size often face storage space challenges.

For instance; if someone is planning for home relocation during monsoon but wants to safeguard their belongings at a temporary storage space unit in Bangalore, that’s under the seasonal storage space challenges. You can consider the same for summer and winter also!

Business Inventory Challenges

Inventory refers to the goods and materials businesses hold for the goal of selling or distribution. In simple words, business inventory refers to the items or products owned by businesses irrespective of their size. Talking of small size business owners, often face difficulty to store their business inventory due to being short on cash to stock their business inventory in their small space.

But that doesn’t mean that small business owners or medium size business owners can’t avail of the facility to safely store their business inventories. Gladly, at Xtended Space, you will see distinct sizes of business inventory storage units in Bangalore. Explore our platform today.

Less-Mutually Flexible Contracts

Mutually flexible contracts refer to the deed which ensures that you get flexibility in long-term storage space as well as short-term storage space. Accordingly, the less mutually flexible contracts refer to the deal in the context of storage space which is synonymous with less benefit to the renter because the host decides the tenure of the storage unit.

But if you avail storage space facility in Bangalore from Xtended Space, you get full flexibility in the storage space contracts. Plus, as a renter, you have a big pool of hosts to provide you the assistance. This also filters the chaos in between. What do you think?

Browse the Storage Space Services Xtended Space Provides

Bike Storage Service

As the name suggests, everyone can guess what bike storage service is all about. It is the storage space service where bikes or motorbikes are highly taken into consideration for safe and secure storage. If you want to gain a profound understanding of the bike storage service in a general context, read our bike storage space solutions in the dedicated section.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Xtended Space allows you to rent a bike storage space unit in Bangalore even at the last minute for short-term rentals. What else do you want extra?

Car Storage Service

Xtended Space offers our unparalleled car storage service in Bangalore and other tier 1 metro towns of India. We offer distinct sizes of car storage space units in Bangalore to renters who want to reserve their storage space for cars even at the last minute or the midnight also.

On our online marketplace platform for renters, you can meet certified car storage space hosts in Bangalore that too without venturing outside. Reserve online your car storage space unit today without any stress.

Business Inventory Storage Service

Our business inventory storage service got small business owners, and medium size business owners covered with various sizes of business inventory storage units. Irrespective of your business inventory size, we will give you options in storage units for business products.

So if you are a small businessman who is finding it hard to lock a safe and secure business inventory storage in Bangalore, look no further than Xtended Space. Read about the same on the dedicated page to make a more informed choice.

Furniture Storage Service

Your furniture adds a dash of elegance to your home as well as your personality. So why not increase its life during relocation or home renovation or any other similar purpose? Whatever your motive to store your expensive furniture, Xtended Space will bombard you with different size furniture storage units in and around Bangalore.

Whether you own medium-range furniture or luxury furniture, Xtended Space takes equal care. That’s our promise that your furniture belongings will be kept safe in our furniture storage facility in Bangalore.

Household Items Storage Service

Under this type of storage space service, people look out to store household items in a safe and secure storage space unit. The household items storage service comprises the storage space which is made to store residential belongings. Whatever sort of residential belongings you own, Xtended Space ensures you keep it even more safely with full accountability. Even if you want to reserve a short-term storage space unit for rent in Bangalore for house renovation or relocation purposes, you can rely on us without any stress. Meet certified hosts for household items storage units in Bangalore today!

Other Storage Service

Under the other storage service bracket, you can expect to store pretty much anything which you don’t find in our above rest of the 5 storage space services. There’s no limitation to store your belongings or valuable items under this storage category. So you can let Xtended Space storage managers know what sort of storage space concern you are facing. Rest, we assure you that we will do our best to come up with storage space solutions in Bangalore for your storage concerns.

Advantages of Renting Store Space in Bangalore Through Xtended Space

You get flexibility

Not only flexibility, but you also avail the utmost safety of your belongings when you book a storage facility in Bangalore through Xtended Space. Irrespective of whether you are a student, salaried employee, or self-employed, we got you covered with flexible storage space solutions tailored according to your storage space concerns.

Handpicked experienced team

Did we mention that Xtended Space is bootstrapped with experienced team members? By this, we mean to say that our team is composed of qualified storage space managers who know the nitty-gritty of the same competitive industry for the last many years. However, we are just newly incepted and are making our way and redefining how renters meet hosts in the neighborhood.

You get storage space units for rent in different sizes

We understand that every person's storage space concerns hover. At the same time, Xtended Space also understands that people don't want to shell down any amount for the storage space they are not using. As a result, Xtended Space rewards our renters to lock in a storage space unit for rent that best resonates with your valuable items' size and weight. All you need to do is allow us to cater to your storage space concerns in Bangalore to receive top-notch assistance.

Ready to Browse Bangalore Storage Space Unit for Rent Within a Few Clicks?

If that sounds like something you actually need, then you are blessed. Take a relaxing breath because Xtended Space ensures you provide drive-up storage units in Bangalore that are positioned close to the prominent landmarks of the town. Browse our online marketplace today or switch to our application on PlayStore to become a host or rent a storage unit for your purpose.

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